What Sectors Focus on Water?

Jobs related to water can be found at public agencies, nonprofit organizations, or private companies in three general areas: providing water services, restoring and protecting natural resources, and managing the flow of surface waters.

Water Service Provider
• Tap Water
• Wastewater

Natural Resources
• Conservation
• Restoration
• Youth Conservation Corps

Hydrology/Public Works
• Flood Control
• Stormwater

What Jobs Focus on Water?

Water-related jobs require a variety of skill, experience, and education levels. Many of these jobs are needed across all sectors.
The list below describes these various sectors and career paths that focus on water:

• Wastewater Treatment Operator
• System/Plant Operator
• Stormwater Management
• Certified Erosion, Sediment /Stormwater Inspector
• Hydroelectric Plant Technician
• Chemist
• Research Analyst
• Accountant
• Attorney
• Secretary

• IT Technician
• Engineer
• Surveyor
• Geologist
• Dispatcher
• Heavy Equipment Mechanic
• Graphic Designer
• Photographer
• Office Assistant

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