Regional Tap Water Quality Testing Program

During the Strengths and Needs Assessment, WaterTalks communities across the region expressed widespread distrust and concern about the quality of tap water. As a result, WaterTalks worked with local CBOs to research and design a program that incorporates community organizations as a means to help residents test their water, and have greater understanding of water supply issues. This resulted in a major education tool called “The Path to Tap”, training of local organizations in how to test water and work with a lab to get results, and fundraising proposals to help one or more of the WaterTalks partners pilot the program in one or more LA communities.

The Watertalks Needs Assessment Report

The Needs Assessment Report summarizes data and analysis of community input regarding water-related needs and issues.  Input was received through outreach to communities and institutions, including surveys and community engagement events in 2019-2020.

Funding for Disadvantaged Community Involvement Program (DACIP) Projects in GLAC

WaterTalks Funded DACIP Projects in GLAC:

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Projects Awarded Additional Implementation Funding:

  • Well 3 Nitrate Removal Treatment System (San Fernando)
  • Water lnterties and Emergency Power Supplies (Altadena)
  • Morada Well Rehabilitation Project (Baldwin Park)
  • Well 4A Rehabilitation Project (Pico)
  • Healthy Pocket Parks & Schools: 52nd St Elementary School (Los Angeles)
  • South Gate Water Main Replacement Project (South Gate)
  • Grass Replacement + Project (Los Angeles )

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Program Administrator 
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