Upper Los Angeles River Workshop 2

Upper Los Angeles River Workshop 2

December 1, 2022

The Water Talks for Agency and Electeds second workshop series, Community-Engaged Planning, will focus on how electeds and agency officials can equitably and meaningfully engage with community-based organizations from a water project’s conception through to operations and management (O & M).

Building on the first workshop’s introduction to integrated watershed management and systems thinking approach, the Community Engaged Planning workshop will provide participants with an overview of community engagement models, benefits of community engagement for relationship building, and building community engagement into project budgets. Participants will hear from community leaders about their experience engaging agency officials and guiding principles for authentic CBO relationship building. The Community-Engaged Planning workshop will equip agency representatives and elected officials with the necessary tools and resources to continue their journey of learning from and building relationships with community partners, while also empowering local leaders to meaningfully achieve their community's water-related needs.

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